This seminar takes place at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. I'm teaching it together with fashion designer Markus Hausleitner, who founded the label "house of the very island's royal club division middlesex class struggle, but the question is: where are u, now?" and artist Erich Berger . It is called “Decision-Takers” which has a double meaning in german, since “Entigungsträgerinnen” is also containing the word “carrier”, as in carrying something around or wearing something. The whole seminar is based on wearable technologies in combination with interactive public interventions related to information society.

decision makers

Text: Erich Berger

The science fashion project "Decision Makers" develops artistic positions by means of which data on local and/or global politically explosive fields are to be reflected, communicated and brought together in a joint intervention. In our information society, data is constantly being generated: about education, the environment, migration, financial and labor markets, changing demographics or online behavior. Which conflict area the project group will work on should be discussed and decided together at the beginning of the course. The project develops clothing, textiles, wearables and other accessories that are intended to create the basis for a new political culture of self-responsibility.

Jan 03, 2011


Stefanie  Wuschitz