I'm teaching this class at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, at the
Department for Digital Art.


In the block events on November 15th and 30th and December 7th, we first experiment with the most important electronic parts to create simple interactive circuits: LEDs, resistors, potentiometers, servos, amplifier chips, piezos. Please bring any old speakers you don't want to use anymore - we will open them up and put them into our circuit. After this introduction to 'rapid prototyping' we will work with the Arduino platform(Wiring) to program the Arduino Microcontroller via our laptops. With the help of conductive materials (conductive fabric, conductive thread, conductive paint, snaps, videotape, etc..) we will then develop analogue and digital inputs in the form of simple switches or DIY sensors and design small projects. Please load “Arduino” ( www.arduino.cc )  onto your laptop. Now, in order to use our circuit as an interface to on-screen visual interactions and animations, in the last phase of the block we will play with the environment  processing and connect it to Arduino. Therefore, before the block event, please also load Processing (www.processing.org) on your computers. The introduction to Processing gives you the opportunity to learn to recognize the basic structure of code samples and to rewrite Processing examples for your own projects.

Jan 03, 2011


Stefanie  Wuschitz