DIY projectors

workshop | light installation
may 6 – 9th 2010

I brought along the parts and pieces for mounting DIY projectors, but not the actual image to be projected. The participants in the workshop experimented with the construction of these simple LED projector and the choic of images for the animation. The sequential display of the projected images had a story implemented. The installation was supposed to be controlled via a hand drawn graphite line connected to Arduino, serving as a switch that triggers the LED to go on or off. The participants decided to create a HAIKO GENERATOR. Each projector projected one word to the wall – the conjunction of different words created new connections and pieces of articulatio materials.

Arduin - I will give a little introduction to the Arduino board for those interested. Then we could connect DIY switches from the wall and DIY projectors interactively via Arduino.

Jun 28, 2010


Stefanie  Wuschitz