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Reza A., Wuschitz S.(2022)  ‘Coded Feminisms in Indonesia‘ In: Proceedings of Politics of the Machines - Rogue Research 2021 (POM 2021). DOI: 10.14236/ewic/POM2021.31

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Career And Positions Held To Date

2020-21 - Post Doc TU Berlin DiGiTal / Berliner Hochschulprogramm für Wissenschaftlerinnen und Künstlerinnen. 'Coded Feminisms in Indonesia'

2020-23- Post Doc / PI in Artistic Research at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna: 'Feminist Hacking. Building Circuits as an Artistic Practice'

2019 - Research Fellow Universität der Künste Berlin: Weizenbaum Institute RG2: Production Possibilities of the Maker Culture

2018 - Lecturer at University of Applied Sciences: Media Typology and Media Technology, Information Science, Eisenstadt

2017-19 - Lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna: Media Education. Institute for Education in the Arts, with Prof. E. Krasny

2017-18 - Research Fellow at RIAT: Research Institute for Art and Technology, Vienna

2018 - Maternity Leave for second child April 2018 until January 2019

2016-17 - Post Doc, Vienna University of Technology / PEEK project 'Data Publics' with Prof. P. Mörtenböck

2015 - Post Doc, University of Applied Arts Vienna / EU project 'Appertus°' with Dr. M. Tarasiewicz

2015 - Maternity Leave for first child August 2015 until September 2016

2015 - Project Leader, Art-based research project, Indonesia / ‘The NENEK PROJECT’ with Citizen Initiative Lifepatch, Yogyakarta

2015-18 - Research Group, University of Michigan / [Tech. Culture. Matters.] School of Information, Prof. S. Lindtner

2015 - Research Assistant, University of Michigan / School of Information, Prof. S. Lindtner

2011-14 - Senior Artist, University of Applied Arts Vienna / Department Digital Media Art, Prof. Ruth Schnell

2009-12 - University Lecturer, at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna / Department IKR, Prof. Elke Gaugele

2009-18 - Founder and Chair, Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory / Project Management, Funding and Program Coordination, Curating


2019 - Fellowship Research group at the UdK Berlin and Weizenbaum Institute / Political Production (Im)Possibilities of Critical Maker and Hacker Culture

2009-14PhD University of Technology Vienna / Visual Cultures Unit, Institute of Architecture., advisor Prof. P. Mörtenböck

2008-09 - 1-year Digital Art Fellowship / HUMlab, Umeå University, Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden

2006-08Master Program at New York University, Tisch School of the Arts / Master of Professional Studies (ITP), Graduation with Honors

2001-06University of Applied Arts Vienna / Transmediale Kunst, Prof. Brigitte Kowanz, Graduation with Honors

2005-06University Saint Joseph de Beirouth, Lebanon (1 Semester) / Film and Media, Film Department, Guest Student

2000-01The University of Art and Design Linz / Experimental Visual Art, Prof. P. Lachmayer


2022 - Tangible Music Lab, Linz

2014 - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2014Kunsthochschule Kassel, Kassel

2013Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2013Bartlett University College London

2012Shih-Chien University, Taipei

2010Lecture, School of Visual Arts, NYC

2009Umeå Institute of Design, SE, Umeå


Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Artist Residence, July, August, September 2013, BMUKK

New York City, September 2010: School of Visual Arts, Harvestworks, Market Hotel, NYCresistor

Damascus, May 2010: Beit Al-Nofaraa, Austrian Embassy in Damascus

Hualien Artist Village, Dong Hwa University Hualien Taiwan, September 2011

International Sinop Biannual, Turkey, 1st August-12th September 2012


2021Keynote Annual Conference of Arts, Humanities & Technology (ID)

2021Politics of the Machines  (DE) // Track concept, panel moderation and presentation

2021Keynote at Conference on Tangible, Embedded & Embodied Interaction (AT)

2021New Materialist Informatics (DE) // Coded Feminisms in Indonesia

2020EAST 4S: Locating and Timing Matters (CZ) // Algo-governance & Future-Making

2019DGTF Conference 2019 (DE) // Strategien queer-feministischer Hack-Kollektive

2019 - Einstein Center Berlin (DE) // Trans Feminist Hacking: Mz* Baltazar’s Lab

2019 - EUSSET Communities & Technologies (AT) // Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

2018 - Chaos Communication Congress (DE) // Frauen* + NIT Gruppen d. CCC

2018 - Ars Electronica (AT) // Beyond Patronage: Artists & Experimental Monetization, Linz

2018 - HEK Basel (CH)  // Creating Commons by Prof. C. Sollfrank, Basel

2017 - Bio Summit, MIT Boston (US) // Feminist Perspective on Bio Technology, Boston

2017 - Fiber Conference (NL) // Panel: Ora et Labora, Feminist Hackerspaces. Amsterdam

2015 - Open Hardware Summit Europe (AT) // Feminist Hackerspaces, Vienna

2014 - University of Michigan (US) // Making Hacked: Labor, Free Culture&Citizen Science

2013 - New School NYC (US) // Open Source Art, Leaders in Software & Art, NYC

2012 - National University (TW) // New Media Art Department, Women in Tech, Taipei

2011 - TRANSMEDIALE (D) // Lecture, Conference: BODY:RESPONSE – Biomedial Politics

2010 - ARS ELECTRONICA (AT) // Presentation ‘Mz* Baltazar's Laboratory’, Linz


2023 - Solo Exhibition: Galerie 3 // opening scheduled for September 23rd

2022 - Solo Exhibition: Kunstraum pro arte // Coded Feminisms in Indonesia

2021 - Kunsthalle WEX // A Knot in the Throat: Foraging for a Vanishing Present

2020 - Schmiede Hallein  // Feral Residency - The women who made it

2019 - Medienwerkstatt Wien // re/dis/cover. Kambodscha

2017 - Parallel Art Fair, (Austria) // Galery 3

2017 - Forum Alpbach, Alpbach (Austria)  // Mz* Baltazar‘s Lab

2015 - ART|JOG 8, 2015 (Indonesia) // Exhibition: Infinity in Flux, Jogja National Museum

2015 - Bouillants (France) // Exhibition: Le Genre, Vern-Sur-Seich

2007 - Austrian Cultural Forum (United States) // Exhibition: Tricky Women Festival, NYC

2005 - Kunsthaus Graz (Austria) // Exhibition: “Erzählungen -35/65+“, Graz


2020 - Digital Progamm Hochschulen Berlin // TU Berlin: Coded Feminisms Indonesia

2020 - FWF PEEK // Project Leader Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2016 - BKA // Austrian Government funding Mz* Baltazar's Laboratory

2015 - SHIFT // Vienna City funding Mz* Baltazar's Laboratory

2014 - BMUKK //  and Austrian Embassy funding The NENEK PROJECT

2013 - National funded Artist Residency // Sewon Art Space, Indonesia

2011 - Johanna Dohnal Scholarship // PhD Research, Looped Scroll

2010 - Center for Innovation and Technology // Mz* Baltazar`s Laboratory


MAK, Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst. StadtFabrik: Neue Arbeit. Neues Design.

Kunsthalle Wien, Künstler-Video-Archivs of Ursula Blickle Stiftung

Video Edition Austriarelease 02, Medienwerkstatt Wien

Videonale Online Archive – 2012 Videonale im Kunstmuseum Bonn


2019 - Content Award // in the team with Klara Rabl for Feed the Troll

2012 - Outstanding Artist Award // with collective Mz* Baltazar's Laboratory

2011 - Johanna-Dohnal-Prize // for PhD research

2006-10 - Sixpackfim Artist // Videogallery, video ‘Teteschaus’

Digital Arts Fellowship HUMlab, Umeå Institute of Design, Univ. of Umeå

2006-08 - New York University Grant, NYC, TISCH School of the Arts, ITP Program

2006-07 - Arbeitsstipendium University of Applied Arts, Vienna


Wuschitz, S (2022) Screening. Coded Feminisms in Indonesia, Femmes Indonesiennes en lutte. Paris.

Wuschitz, S. (2022). Symposium: Coded Feminisms in Indonesia, online and offline, Salzburg

Wuschitz, S. (2019). Sound Workshop for women* trans only in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, at Lifepatch, Citizen Initiative in Art, Science and Technology, August 2019

Wuschitz, S. (2019). Anti-Racist Robot Workshop, Kunsthalle Wien, 4.10 und 5.10.2019

Wuschitz, S. (2019). Anti-Racist Robot Workshop. Performance Art Forum  (PAF) St. Ermes bei Paris, 1.11.2019


Stefanie  Wuschitz