cross disciplinary initiative for urban commons CIT is a collective of architects, spacial planers and artists who want to use the empty industrial site called “Gaswerk Leopoldau” for artist interventions, performances, urban practices, studios, youth work, workshops, urban gardens and the celebration of sharing culture. For this reason CIT COLLECTIVE talks to as many people, politicians, NGOs, civil movements, NPOs and other groups as possible and collects their ideas, needs and wishes for the creative use of the 12 hectare industrial site, with its 15 fin de siecle buildings, theatres, halls and squares.
CIT COLLECTIVE invites collaborators to build an alliance that criticizes urban planing as it is done in Vienna right now and at the same time offers new inclusive, creative and open alternatives for building an unique environment, that is inviting cultural producers as much as neighbors, young kids and retired people to make the city their own.



Stefanie  Wuschitz